While in most cases, the child is popular because of their parents; Holly Revord is in the limelight because of her daughter. Her daughter Raegan Revord is a child artist who fills the role of the twin sister of Sheldon Cooper in the TV series Young Sheldon.

Revord has been very secretive about her personal information. Other than the fact that she was raised in San Diego, nothing is known about her early life. In addition to this, the pretty woman is in her mid-40s, which have left Raegan’s fan wondering about her mother. So, let’s take a look at Holly’s life in this article.

Net Worth – Is Holly Revord Rich?

The celebrity mother Holly has not disclosed her net worth publicly. Also, she has not revealed her professional life, assets, and other factors which are necessary for estimating her net worth. So, her fortunes are under review for now.

On the other hand, Revord’s daughter Raegan is speculated to have a net worth of $1 million which she has amassed through her professional acting life. To gain this huge fortune at such a young age sure is something to be proud of.

Relationship Status

The pretty woman Revord has been in a nuptial relationship with Jacob Revord for a long period of time now. The love birds are very comfortable and happy with each other. Although their daughter is a celebrity, they have been successful in maintaining a private life.

Holly Revord with her husband and daughter
Holly Revord with her husband and daughter.
Source: Facebook Jacob Revord

Sadly, the information relating to the duo’s dating life and love mates is still behind the curtains. Holly and her hubby have shown no sign of any divorce. Besides this, Revord is not known to have romantic links with any other person.

Who is Holly Revord’s Husband?

As mentioned earlier, Revord’s husband is Jacob. According to his Facebook and LinkedIn, he works as a Manager of Information Security Awareness and Training at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Moreover, the star father has completed his study at the University of Memphis as well as Golden Gate University. But the course he pursued during his academic life is not clear. Record has a Facebook account where he has kept his family photo as a profile picture. This signifies that Revord values his family more than anything.

Based on Jacob’s Facebook account, he has a lot of interest in automobiles and has posted pictures of a Land Rover bike. Similarly, he is fond of ice skiing with his family.

Daughter – Raegan Revord

Holly’s daughter, Raegan, is a child artist from the United States who has been demonstrating her acting talent since her childhood. She is popular for her performance as the twin character of Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon.

Holly Revords daughter Raegan Revord
Holly Revord’s daughter Raegan Revord.
Source: Married Biography

Moreover, the gorgeous child actress blessed her parents with her arrival on the 3rd of January, 2008. She was raised in San Diego, California. Her parents do not have any other children besides her.

Likewise, Wish Upon Star was introduced to acting by her mother in childhood. She was used to the world of theatre, and performing in them since her young days. Also, she has 11 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile till the time of writing the article.

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Some of her credits are for Young Sheldon, Modern Family, Alexa & Katie, and I See You, Grace and Frankie, and so on. She is just in her teen days, but surely Raegan will be involved in more projects in the near future and grow up to become one of the most successful actresses.

Talking about Raegan’s personal information, she is single and has displayed no desire to be in a relationship. She uses Instagram under the username @raeganrevord, which has more than 655 thousand followers. Raegan has mostly shared about her professional life on Instagram.

Holly Revord Manages Her Daughter

Holly has been a huge help and also the reason behind the success of her daughter, Raegan. She was the one who introduced her daughter to the acting world and theatre since her childhood. Holly used to take her daughter to the theatres as well as manage different shows and stages where she could deliver her talent.

download 2
Holly Revord is nurturing her daughter to be a fine actress.
Source: Buzz South Africa

Many people only know Raegan for her work as Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon and Megan in Modern Family, but only a very few of them know that she has been in this industry since her childhood. Holly has been nurturing, directing, and managing her daughter since day one.

Holly is a Social Activist

Like Bethann Hardison, Holly also actively takes part in supporting the colored person. She wants to abolish racism in society. She believes in a world where all people, despite race, gender, and color, live in peace and harmony.

Furthermore, Revord is also a humanitarian who helps people in need. She donates clothes and other supplies to needy people. Revord has also asked other people to help her with this work.

Is Raegan Revord’s Father Ryan Phillippe?

Many online resources are writing Ryan Phillipe as the father of the Young Sheldon actor. In addition to this, Raegan has also posted their pictures together on her Twitter with the caption, Daddy daughter. So what is the truth?

Raegan Revord shared image of herself with Ryan Phillipe on Twitter
Raegan Revord shared an image of herself with Ryan Phillipe on Twitter.
Source: Daily Mail

The truth is Raegan is the daughter of Jacob Revord. Holly has not been romantically linked with Phillipe, and they were playing the role of father and daughter in the movie Wish Upon hence the caption is all about the movie-related promotion. However, Ryan is the real father of his son Deacon Reese Phillippe.

Revord Enjoys Her Life

After taking time to manage her daughter and doing all that hard work, Revord knows how to enjoy her life. She enjoys being like a child which was also mentioned by her husband via his Facebook.

Jacob Revord posted image of Holly Revord stating she enjoyed more than kid on kids birthday party.
Jacob Revord posted an image of Holly Revord stating she enjoyed more than the kid at the kid’s birthday party.
Source: Facebook Jacob Revord

Jacob has posted the picture of Holly dancing with the caption, “When your wife, Holly Revord, had more fun at the kids bday party than the kids.“.

Social Media Presence

Raegan’s mother, Holly, is a private person who does not want to reveal her personal information. In addition to this, she is a very busy person who has to manage as well as raise her daughter and take care of her family. Thus, she is not that active on social media even though she has created an account on them.

In addition, Holly has a Facebook account which apparently she has left using. She has mostly posted pictures of her daughter on her Facebook.

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