Cassidy Boesch is married to the famous actor Sam Page. Her husband is well known for his roles in many Christmas movies and popular TV shows such as Mad Men, House of Cards, and The Bold Type. Besides, she is also the sister of former MLB player, Brennan Bosch.

Boesch was born on August 27, 1987, and she is also known by the name Cassidy Elliott. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She works as a playgroup teacher by profession. Let’s learn a bit more about her.

Married Life Of Cassidy Boesch And Sam Page

Cassidy Boesch and Sam Page tied the knot on November 8, 2014, after dating for three years. Their wedding took place at a beautiful villa in Santa Barbara, California. The couple first crossed paths through a mutual friend at a cocktail party, where they instantly clicked and developed a strong connection.

Cassidy Boesch and Sam Page are sitting out in a chair in night.
Cassidy Boesch with her husband, Sam Page (Source: Sam Page Instagram @sampage)

Since then, Boesch and Page’s love has blossomed, and they have built a strong and happy married life together. They cherish their time together and continue to support each other in their respective careers and personal endeavors. Their love story is a testament to the power of friendship and finding love in unexpected places.

Net Worth Of Boesch And Her Husband

Cassidy Boesch, in addition to being the wife of actor Sam Page, has established her successful career. She currently works as a playgroup teacher to make money and is the proud owner of The Playgroup House, a school dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for children. While her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, similar to Joshua Russow and she has chosen to keep her salary undisclosed.

Boesch’s husband, Page’s net worth has been estimated to be around $2 Million. His primary source of income comes from his successful acting career. He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including notable roles in popular series like “Mad Men,” “House of Cards,” and “The Bold Type.” Acting in both films and television has allowed him to showcase his talent and contribute to his overall net worth but like his wife, he also hasn’t disclosed his salary.

Mother Of Three ( A Son And Twin Daughters)

Cassidy Boesch and Sam Page are proud parents of three wonderful children. They have two twin daughters named Annabelle Page and Evie Page, as well as a son named Logan Page. Logan was born in September 2016, while the adorable twins Annabelle and Evie were born on August 11, 2018.

Annabelle, Logan, and Evie are sitting with Sam in the couch.
Cassidy Boesch’s kids, Annabelle, Logan, and Evie Page with their father, Sam Page (Source: Sam Page Instagram @sampage)

Boesch loves spending time with her kids, and it’s evident from her husband, Page’s Instagram posts that family time is incredibly important to them. They cherish every moment and create beautiful memories together.

Page often shares glimpses of their joyful moments and milestones on his Instagram, like hanging on beaches or watching movies, allowing their fans and followers to share in their family’s happiness. Being loving and involved parents is a priority for them, and their children undoubtedly bring immense joy and fulfillment into their lives.

Who Are Boesch’s Parents?

Boesch parents are Philip Boesch and Vivian Boesch. Her father, Philip, works as a lawyer, while her mother, Vivian, owns a hotel called Venice Beach House. Philip also runs a law organization known as Boesch Law Group. Sam Page’s wife, is proud of her parents’ accomplishments and aspires to follow in their footsteps.

Philip, being a dedicated lawyer, has earned recognition for his exceptional work. In the past, he was honored by the Resolution of the City Council and the Mayor of Los Angeles for his significant contributions to the field of law. This recognition highlighted his dedication and expertise, making him a respected figure in the legal community.

Current Work (Runs A Playgroup School)

Cassidy Boesch is currently engaged in running The Playgroup House, a playgroup school that she co-founded and where she serves as a teacher and co-director. The Playgroup House is dedicated to providing a nurturing and child-led learning environment for young children.

Cassidy Boesch is surrounded by kids who are busy in their own work.
Cassidy Boesch playing with kids at The Playgroup House (Source: The Playgroup House Instagram @the_play_group)

The school offers a variety of indoor programs, including engaging art projects, music and dance activities, dress-up play, and captivating storytelling sessions as mentioned on its official website. These indoor activities encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression among the children. Additionally, The Playgroup House offers exciting outdoor programs that focus on exploring nature, water play, and sensory experiences.

These outdoor activities allow children to connect with the natural world, engage in hands-on learning, and develop a sense of wonder and curiosity. Through her work at The Playgroup House, Boesch is passionate about fostering a love for learning and creating joyful experiences for the children under her care.

Cassidy Boesch’s Education Background

Cassidy Boesch has an impressive educational background that has shaped her career and interests. She attended the renowned Crossroads School, where she laid the foundation for her academic journey. Later, she pursued higher education at Brown University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Medicine Community Health.

Boesch studies at Brown provided her with a solid understanding of health-related topics and community well-being. Seeking further specialization, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child therapy from the University of Southern California. This advanced degree equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to support individuals, couples, and families in their emotional and psychological well-being.

Related To Brennan Bosch

Cassidy Boesch is the sister of Brennan Boesch, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player who had a successful career playing for teams like the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees (the club whose clubhouse reporter is Meredith Marakovits, and Los Angeles Angels. Throughout his career, Brennan amassed impressive statistics, including 1577 at-bats, 192 runs scored, 394 hits, 48 home runs, 195 runs batted in, and 22 stolen bases.

Brennan’s career regular season batting average was .250, with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .303 and an OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) of .703 as mentioned on MLB’s official website. These statistics highlight Brennan’s contributions to the teams he played for and showcase his skills as a professional baseball player. Cassidy must be proud of her brother’s accomplishments in the world of baseball.

Sam Page’s Wife Work Before The Playgroup House

Before founding The Playgroup House, Boesch engaged in meaningful work that involved children and community service. During her college years, she dedicated her time to a local infant and toddler development center that catered to underprivileged children in Providence, Rhode Island. This experience allowed her to contribute to the growth and well-being of young children in need.

Additionally, Boesch’s passion for making a positive impact led her to spend three summers in Africa, specifically South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. During her time there, she implemented health and wellness interventions in orphanages and hospitals and also taught English to young students.

Afterward, Boesch worked for Dr. Mehmet Oz’s non-profit organization, HealthCorps, where she taught high school students at Ulysses S. Grant High School in the Los Angeles Valley. Not only that, but Page’s wife also initiated a Sister Circle Club, which aimed to empower teenage mothers, providing them with support and resources. Her previous experiences demonstrate her dedication to education, community service, and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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