Bennett Armistead Schauer is a celebrity child. He is known as the son of award-winning actress Laura Linney. She has appeared in many movies and received numerous awards for her work and contributions to the industry. Her acting has gained her millions of followers as she has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Bennett arrived on January 8, 2014, and has already amassed a few fans. His father is the accomplished real estate broker and drug and alcohol counselor, Marc Schauer. As the first and only child of his parents, he holds a unique place in their lives and has undoubtedly brought them immeasurable joy.

Was Named After An Author

In a heartwarming tribute to one of her favorite authors, Laura chose to name her child’s middle name after Armistead Maupin, the celebrated writer behind the beloved Tales of the City series. His work has had a deep impact on the actress, inspiring her both personally and professionally, and it’s not surprising that she wanted to pay homage to his contribution to the literary world.

Bennett Armistead Scheaur is touching the picture of Christopher Isherwood.
Bennett Armistead Scheaur at Christopher Isherwood’s study (Source: Armistead Maupin Facebook)

Bennett has also got a chance to meet a man that he was named after. In the center of Isherwood’s historic study, where the celebrated author, Maupin wrote some of his most beloved works, a heartwarming encounter took place between him and Laura’s son.

Maupin also shared a little story that happened that day that made him happy. As her son, Bennett walked the room, he reached out and touched his mentor’s face picture which was there, creating an unforgettable moment that left him feeling a little bit awestruck and as he mentioned in the post, he got goosebumps.

Bennett Parent’s Love Story

The union between Bennett Armistead Schauer’s parents, Laura Linney and Marc Schauer has been going strong since their nuptials in 2009. The couple’s romantic journey began when they crossed paths at the prestigious Telluride Festival in Colorado. From there, their connection flourished, leading to an engagement in 2007.

The following year, in May 2009, Laura and Marc exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony, with none other than the Tekken actor Liam Neeson accompanying Laura down the aisle. It’s a touching tale of how love can blossom in unexpected places and lead to a lifetime of happiness.

Net Worth Status Of Laura and Marc

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s parents are well-off people. Marc Schauer has established himself as a respectable figure in the real estate industry, amassing a net worth of $1 million, the same amount Mama June spent on Drugs before entering rehab. Through his hard work and dedication, he has built a thriving career that has allowed him to flourish financially.

Laura Linney is wearing a white designer dress that is covering her sleeves.
Laura Linney at the Emmys (Source: Laura Linney Instagram @itsmelauralinney)

Laura Linney has enjoyed a successful and distinguished career in the entertainment industry, translating into an impressive net worth of $10 million. While the exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it’s estimated that she earned a minimum of $13.2 million for her portrayal of Wendy Byrde throughout all four seasons of her popular show, Ozark.

Benett’s Mother’s Previous Relationship

Before Laura Linney married Marc Schauer, she was previously married to David Adkins. The two exchanged their wedding vows on September 2, 1995, but sadly, their marriage didn’t go as they would have wanted as it ended in divorce in 2000.

Laura and Marc’s marriage may not have stood the test of time, but it’s clear that both continue to have a deep appreciation for each other’s talents and contributions to the entertainment industry. She had also previously dated Eric Stolz.

Laura’s Life Changed Following Bennett’s Birth

Laura has revealed that she underwent unexpected changes after giving birth to her son, Bennett Armistead, in 2014. People have reported her saying that she noticed her facial muscles were used differently when smiling at her son.

Laura Linny is holding Benett Armistead Schauer as both faces are turned the other way from camera.
Laura Linny with her son, Bennett Armistead Schauer (Source: Laura Linney Instagram @itsmelauralinney)

The article also mentioned Laura saying that becoming a mother has transformed her in ways she never expected. The actress believes that motherhood has impacted her at a cellular level, bringing new emotions out of her, including intense joy, fear, anxiety, and fatigue.

Juggling professional and personal life has been challenging for Laura, and she longs to spend all her time with her son. However, she has also acknowledged that doing that it isn’t always realistic or beneficial for her child.

Laura’s Age Issue When She Was Pregnant

Bennett Armistead Schauer was born on January 8, 2014, when Linney was 49 years old. Despite concerns from others due to her age, she and her husband were overjoyed to welcome their child into the world. Although her work is important, Linney always prioritizes her family and son.

Laura had always been career-driven, but motherhood changed her perspective on life. She found herself prioritizing her family over work, something she never thought she would do. Even though balancing work and motherhood wasn’t always easy, the actress knew that her son’s happiness and well-being were her top priorities.

About Mother Laura Linney

Laura Linney is an American actress born on February 5, 1964, in New York City. She is the daughter of respected playwright Romulus Linney, and her mother was a nurse. She began her acting career on the stage, appearing in several Off-Broadway productions before making her Broadway debut in 1990.

Laura quickly gained critical acclaim for her performances, and in 1994 she won her first Tony Award for her role in the play “The Real Thing.”In the following years, she transitioned to film and tv shows and became known for her powerful performances. Her most notable role includes her Oscar-nominated role in “You Can Count on Me.”

Other than the Academy Awards, Laura is also known for her performances in “The Truman Show,” and “Mystic River,” among others .” On tv, she has worked in several critically acclaimed shows, including “The Big C,” “Ozark,” and “John Adams,” for which she won an Emmy Award. She has received numerous awards and nominations, including four Tony Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Academy Award nominations.

Off-screen, Laura is known for her philanthropic work and her advocacy on behalf of several causes, including cancer research and environmental conservation. She is also an active member of the theater community and has served as a mentor to many young actors and actresses.

Laura Almost Didn’t Do Ozark For Bennett

Laura Linney almost turned down the role in the hit TV show “Ozark” due to the show filming in Atlanta and her concerns about being far away from her son, Bennett Armistead Schauer. Initially, she refused the role as she did not want to be away from her child for a long time. However, she realized that taking a job in New York would mean seeing less of Bennett as she would have to be on set five days a week.

The Guardian has mentioned in their article that Laura decided to take the role in “Ozark” and had it written into her contract that she would take four days off every seven to go back home to Brooklyn to be with her son. Her husband and mother took care of Bennett while she was away as mentioned in this article.

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