The mother of three Heather Sylvia Adams is married to a celebrity named Jeff Hephner.

Heather Sylvia Adams

Heather Sylvia Adams is the wife of American actor Jeffrey Lane Hephner. She came to the limelight from her romantic relationship with her husband; indeed, she came into the spotlight as a celebrity wife. Her beau is renowned for his role Jeff Clarke on the NBC television series Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. The lovely…

The model turned actress Sunshine Deia Tutt lives in luxury.

Sunshine Deia Tutt

Sunshine Deia Tutt is a model turned actress; however, she isn’t active in the show business anymore. Until today she only worked on a couple of projects as an actress. Although she got few works on her list, she garnered massive attention for her great act. She is currently into interior design and works as…

The billionaire ex-wife Annaliese Witschak is mother to her three children.

Annaliese Witschak

Many might not know who Annaliese Witschak is, as she isn’t into fame collecting business. However, she marked her name in this world from her marital relationship with George Soros. Yes, she tied the knot with the Hungarian-born American billionaire investor and philanthropist. Sadly they went separate ways back in 1983. Although they aren’t together,…

Ashley Leisinger was married to the American actor, voice artist, and singer Bryton Eric McClure, also credit as Bryton James.

Ashley Leisinger

Ashley Leisinger is a beautiful woman who came to the spotlight after she tied the knot with an American actor, voice artist, and singer. So, who is that guy? He is none other than well-known figure Bryton Eric McClure, also credit as Bryton James. Unfortunately, their marriage ended with a divorce; however, their past relationship…

Brahman Galanti was married to Lyssa Chapman who is the daughter of the A&E TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter’s star Duane “Dog” Chapman.

Brahman Galanti

Brahman “Bo” Galanti rose to fame from his marital relationship with Lyssa Chapman. He was married to former bail bondswoman and bounty hunter, Lyssa Chapman, aka Baby Lyssa. Although their marriage ship sank way too fast, it was long enough to make Brahman the topic of many headlines. Let’s learn more about the former lover…

Claire Stoermer, 56, is the mother of the Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman.

Claire Stoermer

Claire Stoermer (b. on March 24, 1964, in the United States) is the mother to a young celebrity renowned for her beauty and talent in the entertainment industry. Want to know who’s that diva? Well, she’s none other than the fans favorite Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up star Zendaya Coleman. You read it right,…

Lori Matsuoka is the second wife of the former basketball player Bill Walton.

Lori Matsuoka

Who is Lori Matsuoka? Fans of former NBA star Bill Walton already have the answer. However, if you don’t come under that radar, let us break it down; she is Walton’s second wife. After she tied the knot with the retired basketball athlete, many began to search about her on the internet; thus, she suddenly…

Salvatore Fahey is a millionaire.

Salvatore Fahey

Salvatore Fahey is the long time husband of Oakland’s first lady, Libby Schaaf. Currently, his wife initiates her actions as the 50th Mayor of the City of Oakland. We are here to answer all about Salvatore. We will share all internet got on Salvatore in this article. Salvatore Fahey’s Husband of The Oakland 50th Mayor,…

The mother of two Jelena Djokovic is married to tennis star Novak Djokovic.

Jelena Djokovic

Who is Jelena Djokovic? Well, many may not have a clue, but she’s renowned in the tennis world. Indeed, she is; however, she isn’t famous for being an athlete. She marked her name in the heart of tennis fans from her romantic relationship with Novak Djokovic. Yes, she’s the wife of the best tennis player…

The serial entrepreneur, reality show star, innovator, and home flipper, Brian Kleinschmidt is a millionaire.

Brian Kleinschmidt

People from all around the world know Brian Kleinschmidt (b. April 30, 1982). He’s renowned as a serial entrepreneur, reality show star, innovator, and home flipper. Besides that, he’s a lovely husband to his wife and a caring dad to his daughter. Let’s learn more about him on this page today. Brian Kleinschmidt’s Net Worth…