Ashley Baynes is an actress who is known for her appearance in the TV series My big fat fabulous life. She is one of the closest friends of the star of the TV series Whitney Thore.

Baynes blessed her parents with her arrival on the 24th of June, 1988. She was raised alongside her sibling in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has a Chemical Engineering & English degree from North Carolina State University.

Her baby’s daddy has been a huge mystery to her fans. Scroll down the article to solve this mystery.

Net Worth

Ashley Baynes is estimated to have a net worth of $200 thousand approximately which she has accumulated from her professional life.

She has multiple sources of income which has helped her to make this fortune. During her early days, Baynes worked as a retail sales manager. Currently, she is working as a business service coordinator.

In addition to this, Ashley has also earned a substantial amount from her acting career. She is well-known for her appearance in the TV series My big fat fabulous life. Furthermore, she also has credit for Johny and Frankie.

Family Background

Baynes is a daughter of Lisa Baynes who alongside her husband Dan Baynes raised with great care. However, Dan is not the biological father of Ashley. She has not disclosed the information about her real father in the public.

Ashley Baynes with her parents
Ashley Baynes with her parents.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

Her step-father is a musician and director of operations at Murphy Geomatics. She looks up to Dan and considers him the best father in the world alongside her husband.


Ashley was raised alongside her siblings and half-sibling by Lisa and Dan. She has two sisters Kayla Baynes and Melinda Baynes.

Furthermore, she has a half-brother Christopher Fulk. They all are close to each other to this day and support each other.

Relationship Status – Is Ashley Baynes Married?

TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life actress Ashely Baynes is not married but that does not mean she is living a single life. She is currently in a relationship with a guy named Eric Hadley.

Ashley Haynes with her boyfriend and daughter
Ashley Haynes with her boyfriend and daughter.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

The loving duo seems to have started their love life on the year on 22nd of September, 2016 as per her Instagram account. She had given him her number in case he ever wanted to talk to her and the rest is history.

Back when Ashley was in the TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life, her boyfriend Eric did not make any public appearances. His identity was a mystery. He was there during the birth of Ashley’s baby but he chose to stay away from the video.

Ashley and Hadley had not shared much of their love life before, however, they seem to be quite open to the public now. Baynes has started sharing pictures of her boyfriend and her children.

Ashley Baynes Was Rumored To Have Serve As A Surrogate For Whitney

The rumour of Baynes serving as a surrogate for Whitney was circulated in May 2022. Whitney wanted to be a mother but was very doubtful of doing so naturally. She had asked Heather Sykes for help but she declined although she had agreed initially.

As Baynes was also pregnant during this time period and she went to administer in vitro fertilization treatment injections to Whitney’s belly a number of times, many people started to think that Baynes was actually serving as a surrogate for Whitney’s baby.

Eventually, it was proved that Baynes was not a surrogate mother for Whitney’s child.

Blessed With Children

Baynes is blessed with two children which she shares with her boyfriend. She shares her second child with her boyfriend Eric.

Ashley Baynes daughter Harper and son August Daniel
Ashley Baynes’s daughter Harper and son August Daniel.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

Currently, both of the children are being parented by Baynes and Hadley. They are trying their best to raise their children in a safe environment.

Her daughter was born in the year 2018 and has started going to school now. Similarly, she gave birth to a son named August Daniel in May 2022. Her second baby weighed 7 pounds, 2.3 ounces, and measured 21 inches long.

Who Is The Baby Daddy Of Ashley Baynes’s Child?

Ashley’s baby’s daddy is a mystery as his identity private has not been revealed yet. Although her boyfriend Hadley is looking after her children, he is not the biological father of her first child Harper.

Ashley Bayness baby and baby daddy
Ashley Baynes’s baby and baby daddy.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

Her first child Harper is probably born out of her previous relationship. She has not introduced her ex-boyfriend.

Eric Hadley Is The Best Dad

Baynes considers two people to be the best father in the world. One is her dad and the other is her child’s dad. She has posted the image of her husband and father wishing them father’s day on her Instagram.

Ashley Baynes with her two favorite men whom she considers best father in the world
Ashley Baynes with her two favourite men whom she considers the best father in the world.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

TLC’s TV series actress considers her boyfriend to be the best dad as he has been raising both of her children with great care and affection. Hadley knows every little detail of the children and the little ones also seem to be quite fond of him.

Ashley Baynes Was Three Month Pregnant With Harper When She Started Seeing Eric Hadley

Baynes has revealed on the Instagram post that she was three months pregnant with Harper when she and Hadley started seeing each other. She was worried about how Hadley would react when he learns about it.

But, he took it all maturely and accepted her past. Furthermore, Hadley took great care of her during her pregnancy and is a great dad.

Is A Close Friend Of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Thore

Baynes shares a good bonding with the star of the TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore. They help each other and support each other in their time of need.

Whitney Helps Ashley Through The Birth Of Her Baby | My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Whitney was also there for Ashley when she was pregnant and guided her. However, she decided to give the couple some private time and stayed away.

Ashley also helped Thore with her business, No BS was Active until the administration and backend were handled by an app. Although Baynes was a little upset as she heard that news but that did not end their friendship.

Ashley Baynes Is Fond Of Eating Delicious Foods

Ashley is fond of eating delicious foods and her love for food can be clearly seen in her Instagram. She has posted numerous pictures of the foods that she has cooked. There is nothing more relaxing to her than having a good meal together with her family.

In addition to this, Ashley has also disclosed that her boyfriend Hadley is a great cook and makes the world’s best steak.

Owns A Cat

Baynes loves keeping pet and adores them with her full heart. Sierra Oakley, is a cat lover and owns a cat. My Big Fat Fabulous Life actress has named her pet cat Scout.

Ashley Bayness pet cat Scout
Ashley Baynes’s pet cat Scout.
Source: Instagram @ashdanbay

She has posted images of her baby and cat together with the caption Best Friends. She has been a mother to not only her children but also to her cat.

Ashley Baynes’s Social Media Presence

Baynes is quite active social media presence and has accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Instagram id has the username @ashdanbay where she has accumulated more than 69k followers. She has shared glimpse of her personal life on her Instagram.

Similarly, she joined Twitter in January 2015 and has more than 1k followers. So far there are 31 tweets from her account @ashdanbay. Her Facebook account has 6.3k followers.

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