Madison Lecroy

Madison Lecroy was in a on and off relationship with the Southern Charm star, Austen Kroll.

If you guys are familiar with the TV show Southern Charm, then you heard the name, Madison Lecroy. She is one of the casts of that series; she appeared in that show as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. Her dating life with Kroll gave her the spotlight. The pair’s on-and-off relationship gained the attention of many. Besides … Read more

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte has a net worth collection of $3 million

Leva Bonaparte is the latest cast member on the American reality television series Southern Charm. The show circulates the lives of socialites from Charleston, South Carolina, and Leva is set to become just the right member for the show. So, before the show begins, let us take you to know more about the Southern diva … Read more

Guillermo Arduino

Guillermo Arduino has a net worth collection of $4 million

Guillermo Arduino might seem to be a familiar face to many of our viewers. For those who don’t know he’s a remarkable anchor and correspondent from the CNN TV. Popular for shows like Mirador Mundial on CNN en Espanol and Clix, he’s been in the journalism line for more than two decades. So, today we … Read more

Gretchen Johnson

Gretchen Johnson in a grey suit poses for a picture with late husband Richard Dawson.

There are many perks of being married to a celebrity, and one of them is that you become one yourself. The case is quite similar to Gretchen Johnson, who is popular as the wife of the late English-American actor, comedian, game show host, and panelist, Richard Dawson. Her boyfriend was an integral figure in the … Read more

John-Paul Howard

John-Paul Howard in a brown t-shirt poses for a picture.

There is a reason why the showbiz industry is a widely celebrated sector and many people would love to be a part of it. With the fame and fortune it brings, why wouldn’t anyone dream of being an actor at least once in their lifetime. John-Paul Howard was absolutely one of them but unlike most … Read more

Jessica White

Jessica White has a net worth of $5 million

 Jessica White is best known as an American fashion model, actress, and TV personality. You might’ve seen her as Victoria’s Secret fashion model. She’s successfully set her mark as a model and also as an actress working her way in from movies and TV shows like The Young and the Restless, America’s Next Top Model, … Read more

Kendu Isaacs

The father of three Kendu Isaacs was a married man before he tied the knot with Mary J. Blige.

Those who are familiar with the works of R&B singer/songwriter, Mary J. Blige might know her ex-husband Martin Issacs aka Kendu Issacs. They tied the knot back in 2003, and their life as a married couple ended legally in 2018. Before their marriage, the former lover was related professionally. Kendu was the manager of Mary. … Read more